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Having one of my classes reevaluated


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During my second year, I transferred to my current college. At my old school, I took calculus 1 but my current school is telling me that that course can not be transferred and that I have to have it reevaluated by the math department.


I'm a senior, I'm graduating this year. I didn't know that I had a problem with my calculus class until recently. I was able to take and complete successfully, calc 2 and 3, as well as other higher math classes such as linear algebra, diff eq, modern algebra, etc. So obviously I can handle calc 1.


My advisor told me to see the math advisor which i did. I went to see him in person, gave him all my information and he said that he would get back to me. That was a few weeks before thanksgiving. I understand that he needs time, which I gave him. I emailed him asking him about this 2 weeks after we came back from thanksgiving break and he has not responded. I tried to go see him in his office a few more times, but he was never there. I can't seem to contact him. And I don't know what to do about this.


I'm so worried that I'm not going to be able to graduate on time because of this class. I'm definitely going to go see the advisor again after winter break ends. I tried to register for the class for next semester but because of my schedule, there just isn't room for it.


What should I do?

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I am a college professor and an advisor, as well. It sounds like you will need to petition for the courses you have taken to count as your math credit. Continue to try to contact the person whose approval you need. Explain your situation to his or her secretary and enlist the person's help. (Secretaries can be extremely helpful in this regard and are usually in touch with their faculty on a daily basis).


I understand you're worried, but it appears that you will not have a problem as long as you are persistent.


Good luck.

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Hi music,


You won't have any trouble graduating on time so long as you are persistent and firm. I would send your advisor another e-mail, explaining your concerns and your frequent attempts to contact him and asking for an answer.


If your advisor doesn't cooperate you will probably have to go the registrar. There's no reason you should have to take this class if you've completed the equivalent at another college and have taken higher level courses.

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