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Finding a marrage counselor


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After 15 years of marriage I have had it with the way I am being treated by my wife. I had long conversation with my SIL today about the situation because she has a unique perspective about my marriage since she lived with us for 10 months back in '06.


One of her suggestions was that I find a marriage counselor, make an appointment and give my wife the ultimatum of go with me to counseling or I am done.


My question is how do I find a good counselor?


I am in a weird position that I only have one friend who is divorced. The others have either been married for a while or are single so I am not sure how to find a good one other than just pick somebody at random out of the phone book...


Thanks in advance...

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I found counselors through my work's Employee Assistance Program. It was confidential and I got a great recommendation.


Someone else suggested a church, which works if you are affiliated with one.


A doctor could recommend some counselors as well.



One suggestion - go to the counselor on your own first and see how you mesh with them.

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The word ultimatum scares me in your frist post.


The fact that you are talking about your marriage with what appears tobe your wife's sister is even worse (forgive me if I misread that part) regardless of whether or not she was your housemate.


You need to sit your wife down, tell her why you would like to see a marriage counselor in a loving way and let her make her decision. Not give her an ultimatum. If she makes a choice that you can't live with that is one thing, but telling her my way or the highway NEVER gets it your way...


Just my two cents from someone who went through a breakup and ended up reconciling through the help of couples counseling.

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