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Well she finally snapped..


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She broke up with me on the 11th, it was clean and okay she told me that our beliefs were the problem (mainly religious). Well after reading on here i realized that she just lost interest and someone else had peeked her interest.


Well anyway after a couple days getting eachothers stuff back i went NC for 9 days and then went very LC on the 26th anyway i messed up and got in a little argument with her on sunday over text message. I was just telling her that i care and im sorry that i know she lost interest and blah blah i was just drunk rambling.


Anyway she took it in stride saying i dont have a problem with you and would still like to be friends. The next day i told her i was sorry about the night and that i still needed to work on myself some more and start acting like for of an adult. She said it was okay and to take care.


Now that night she starts texting me about talking * * * * behind her back to our friends and * * * * me and going off. I told her i didnt know what she was talking about and i didnt do that then told her that if she wanted to talk she would need to calm down. And i stopped texting her after that she kept going all night and told me she was pissed i told people we broke up because of religion. started telling me how unsensitive, how its bad enough she lost friends over this and how its bad enough shes alone now that i have to make her sound like a * * * * * . i was and how now she sees my true colors, im two faced and i dont care. She even went as far as saying that im not responding to her because im hooking up with some * * * * (i had a bit of a playboy past before her)


Anyway i didnt talk * * * * i think she is just embarrassed that that is what it sounds like...i dunno any thoughts? Should i talk to her, im thinkin i at least deserve an apology for the language and name calling...


Sorry its a little long and scattered...

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She broke up with you, and has an interest in someone else. Why are you communicating with her?


You need to go total "NC" if you truly want to heal, and no more using being "drunk" as an excuse to establish contact.


Not trying to sound harsh, but you're only running around in circles by keeping this up.


Take care...

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I always thought it a bit childish and immature to go complete NC it seems like im punishing her and her rebound is there to help her through so its not going to help me win her back. Plus we ended on good terms, she just lost interest and even i realized that it was getting boring but the time apart has shown me that this can and will work once we start to become less dependent upon each other and be happy with just ourselves.


I want to tell her that its okay because she gave that to me, but part of says that i own her nothing an all that was completely out of line


so i dunno how to treat this...NC i guess

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Maybe no other option.


But it seems that her ego was work. She wanted everyone to think of her as a good person and not leaving you for some reason that others might find shallow.


She probably has some conflictng emotions with which she is dealing. In your last text before her outburst, you make it clear that you were goingto do certain things thatmake you appear to be a good person. This might have stirred some contrary emotions and questions of, "Well, he is a nice guy. Why did I end it? Did I do the right thing? The outburst could have been a reaction to this dissonance.


Just a thought-

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