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This New Year


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I know we'll meet again this new year,

It's been a while but I still wish you were here.

I still remember the moment we met for the very first time,

Ever since then I've been hoping that one day you'll be mine.


I've not forgotten that one day we spent together,

A beautiful memory that will be with me forever,

I was torn when I heard you were leaving, when I learnt you had to go,

By far you were the most beautiful girl I'd ever come to know.


I'm most thankful we have been able to keep in touch,

As lately I've been missing you ever so much.

How I smiled when you said you'd had a dream about me,

Perhaps a sign of the things that are yet to be.


I believe love is not simply defined by physical moments we hold so high,

But by those small gestures and romantic notions that too often pass us by,

The emotion of every one telling its own unique tale,

Even something as simple as a heartfelt letter in the mail.


I know this New Year we shall meet again,

Perhaps it will be a fine summer morning, or an afternoon in the autumn rain,

But even if that day is now so far away,

I know our hearts will meet once more, come what may.

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