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Seeing Love


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I have been thinking about this for a few weeks so I thought I would post it.

While my son and I were out Christmas shopping we stopped to have dinner. As we sat waiting for our pizza we talked and I people watched through the window as the crowds came and went from the mall.

For some reason everything looked differently to me. I saw many couples and people by themselves. This was no different from any other time but somehow I could see LOVE. It may sound strange but I could tell which couples were very close and very In Love and which couples loved each other but weren't that close. It wasn't the holding hands or how close they walked, but the glow (for the lack of a better word) that seemed to surround them. Even young mothers with 3 or 4 kids had the glow as they struggled by themselves to shop and handle their little ones running about.


Young and old passed by that window and it saddend me to know that it took the death of my marriage for me to see once again.......




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Hang in there buddy. You and I have both been through alot this last year. You and your son will have a better year and one day we will be reading another post about you and a woman you have fallen in love with and how when you look in the mirror you see that glow.

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What a beautiful gift...to be able to see love, recognize REAL love...


Yours will come lost...you are a beautiful, wonderful man who has done everything right in terms of taking time to heal and grow and learn...and you have done all of those is leaps and bounds...


you deserve a woman who will see all that you are, admire your strength, acknowledge your courage and who can support you and not be intimidated by all that you offer...

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You are so not alone. I remember experiencing the same phenomenon when I first filed for divorce 5 years ago. It was as if I could suddenly see in COLOR again.... things were brighter, sharper. Sounds.... I could hear the birds chirping. Smells were more enhanced. In the winter the snow glittered like diamonds and ... Yes, I do remember noting how I viewed couples. Which were together... which were merely sharing air space.

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Hey, nice post.

I love to people watch too and what you saw was awesome. Didn't it just make you feel joyous? It does to me.

You can find love again, if you give yourself the chance. Being hopeful is winning half the battle...because bitterness is so close by. I hope you will take this experience and re-live it often in your mind. It might help to get you back to where you want to be emotionally.


Thanks for sharing.

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