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Ex is driving my crazy!

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Shes 20, i'm 24. 6 months relationship. Broken up middle of November.

We work with each other! See each other 3-4 times a week.

She broke up with me.


My dad past away sept 17 2008.


So we been broken up for like maybe month 1/2 now.


Bump into her roommate/close friend. Told me, she is seeing someone else, 2-3weeks after our break up. I dunno if they hooked up. Beats me!


Today, was weird at work.


She says hi, ignore her, look at her and looked away. Than 5 min later, she says, how are you doing! Hey, i'm talking to you! I got distracted, so i looked the other way to my co-worker.


One hour later, she comes up to me, face-to-face. HI! I said Hi! She said, hows your family doing! Told her, so so. My brother is taking it pretty hard.


And she says, wow, still yet! Hmmm... Thats why, i didn't want to go threw that drama. Wow, no respect huh! For my father past away!



So my co-workers and my boss, making this inside jokes....


Saying to her, wow, you look pregnant! She switch phase, no i'm not!

If it was, it would be his (me). I laugh! Told her, yah right!

She says, i'm serious, it would be yours! I look the other way, and she says, wow, your being an ass! I was like okay....


Than, i killed her with kindness! Told her, one of my close relatives (family member), our christmas present from him, for my family, my mom and my two brothers. Told us, pick the destination to take a vacation, and he will pay for it! Her eyes came wide open!


And she says, he is treating your brothers gf for it to, i told her, probably! More she felt sick. Than she says, who is gonna watch your dogs!


Told her i dunno, and she says, i wanna watch them, or i'll try call your mom and see if i can house sit!


Told her, i'll think about it!


Than i cut the conversation, and do my job!


And she comes up to me, wow, i feel weird.... Told why...

She says, theres alot of things going on my mind.... "I feel so deprived"



What does that mean?



Has she done her homework, realizing what she done?

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