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Pain in the A**

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I've got a terrible pain in the a**... Ahem, literally.... You know i kinda love tight jeans and i use the men's purse. Recently i've been having terrible muscle pain in right of my bottom. i mean i cant sit for long, cant stick my purse there in the back pocket... and i stopped those jeans for over a week yet the pains still there... i'm kinda embarrassed to go and tell this to a doc and those doctors here are mostly men.. i dont wanna go show my as* to anyone...


i'm so sad... i'm already little tiny and i look terrible without jeans.... i hate carrying a bag and thats why i switched to a guy purse... will that have caused my state? pls help

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ummm - does it seem like joint (achy) muscular or possibly nerve (zappy, buzzy shooting) pain?


Have you looked to see if there are any marks/insect bites/bruises?


Do you remember it starting at a certain point?


If it really is just MUSCLE pain, massage and pain meds can do a lot. But if its something else (infection, sciatic nerve), you'll need to see a doc - right?

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its achy most of the time.. then again it gets sharp sometimes when i sit down for a little while and try to stand up. there isnt any swelling or bite marks. the pains not from the surface, but deep inside... that pain sometimes gives me a little back ache too... i tried a lot of massage, the pain just leaves till the med's lost its power... i dont remember how it started... all i remember was that i was on a seat for a few hours one day..and my wallet was in my back right pocket. and it was hurting on the right side. i removed the wallet out to feel better but later the pain just increased... it feels so terrible now... am not bed ridden or anything, the pain is always there and specially when i wake up it is terrible.... ouch!

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You know, I have a real sneaking suspicion that this might be a sciatic nerve pain caused by compression on the nerve because of sitting on your wallet.


Please read the attached. Rest is recommended, but chiropractic can also be extremely beneficial. I have moderate scoliosis which "flares up" intermittently, and is greatly eased by painkillers, massage, warm baths, and chiropractic.


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There's really no cure but to wait for the normally temporary nerve damage to resolve itself. Don't sit on your wallet in the meantime, and avoid doing anything that might further damage this area, if this is what you end up thinking it may be.


Really, really sounds a lot like it judging by a lot of what you've said.


Good luck, and Happy New Year!

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If this is what it is (and it sure sounds like it), the remedy is time. How much time depends on how much damage was done, and how well you "take care of it" while it's healing.


I once damaged the nerves in the end of two of my toes by wearing boots that were too tight....and it actually took a long time to heal, but I remember the worst of it only lasting a few weeks.


It would seem pretty clear that the source of the damage was sitting on your wallet.


Although, I would insert a caveat here and suggest that if the pain gets worse instead of better, or does not clear at all after significant time (like, 4-5 days) that you should THEN see a doctor about it. This is usually how I handle such situations (if somethings improving, I don't bother. If it takes a turn, then I go).


Just take it easy, and do what you can to cope until it resolves (could be a couple weeks, sorry).



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