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starting to get worried.


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I haven't heard from him since the 26th.

His last e-mail said merry christmas, and that he was traveling to a different city, and that he would call me later that day.


At first I was mad, but tonight when I was driving to meet some friends this terrible thought popped into my mind.


What if he is hurt? Dead even!


I would never even know! His family does not have my number, or e-mail or anything... I just don't think he would just NOT contact me??!!?

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I'm sorry that stinks...


I just don't know why he would just stop contacting me... because before he left I said to him, maybe it's just better if we don't contact eachother ever again, it would hurt less... and he didn't like that idea so much, but if that's what I wanted then he would want to make me happy... we ended up telling eachother how much we loved eachother and how we could not see ourselves without one another.


I honestly don't think he would just NOT contact me.... I think he would write an e-mail saying goodbye atleast.... I don't think I did anything wrong... but his last e-mail did not say "I love you" or "I miss you" like the ones he sent me just days earlier.


hmph. I hope he is okay!!

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I'm sure he's fine. If you were that close then he'll get on line eventually and send you an email. I know you're worried and yeah..."that stinks"...

I know the feeling. I loved my guy very very much, worried about him, he had a habit of being "dark and brooding".. part of his charm and allure. lol. And when he'd disapear, I'd think the worst. Same as you... thinking his parents wouldn't even know to contact me. What if he was lying in some hospital somewhere or worse yet. It was awful feeling that way.. .and thinking those thoughts. Try to put them out of your mind.... worrying will not help.


If and when he does contact you... you might want to see if you can get some more information on him. Family contacts, things like that. JUST for emergency purposes. I did the same thing... I promised I would never call his parents unless it was an emergency. I told him.. "WHAT IF.." what if he was with me and something happened? Who do I contact? What if.....

he was on his way to me and he didn't show and something happened??? How would I know??? Or visa versa..so my relatives could contact him.


He did give me the contact numbers and addresses. And I "DID" stick to my promise. ohhhh don't sweat it.. I checked out the numbers to make sure they were the correct ones..... lol. I got a friend to call his dad about a "BOAT" his son was possibly interested in buying. It "WAS" the right family. but noooo... I did keep my word and didn't abuse the privelages of those emergency numbers.. even after I found out I'd been duped.

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