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Did i really see him (God)?

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i was just sitting here tonight thinking a few years ago when i have saw the face the of God smiling at me. I've been too many doctors and counseling because of this to only find out i was suffering from schizophrenia. But was i really going crazy or did i really see something there. i dont know. i always think about it and how schizophrenia affects thousands of people who always say religion had a part of its doing. i mean if all of these people are expierencing the same thing, something there must be real. but why? does a higher power really have something to do with this kind of illness or have people really gone nuts? has anyone else here suffered from schizophrenia and had an encounter with God? etc.

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Tree, I've always wondered about that myself. I don't have schizophrenia, myself, but I study psychology and am really into spirituality. I think people who are schizophrenic just hear and see things that we can't. I don't know that it's so wrong or crazy. I think that the medications that some of the people go on make them more crazy.


Do you talk to your voices and hear voices often? Just wonder.. never met anyone with schizophrenia.

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I agree to an extent - psych major also.


I mean, if someone has a religious experience, a one-off, thats not schizophrenia right, but if they see something other than a religious experience, a hallucination, thats psychosis right.


What about psychics who (if we believe that stuff which i'm undecided about) see dead people, souls..., hear their voices... are they schizophrenic? But some psychics have as good as proven themselves.. delivered messages from the other side, that they couldn't possibly have known right..


So yes, i think we sorta do have some kinda exceptions to some types of 'religious experience' and the line between that and schizophrenia blurs sometimes. Though thats not to say that i think schizophrenia is a religious experience.. it can manifest itself as a higher force or something as part of the illness but seeing things that are not there, IS a psychosis problem, neurotransmitters inbalances, etc.

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I've never had this kind of experience but one of my friends claims that God appeared to him while he was getting jumped by some gang. He said that time seemed to stand still while he was having this encounter.


I'm keeping an open mind about it. I'm not going to dismiss his experiences. He doesn't have mental problems. I've known him for 2 years.

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well when i saw him it was on my computer, he was sending me messages. a few hours after that i was in my bedroom and i saw a brown cross with a briight yellow moon shape light moving and shined towards my window, then when i looked in my bible there was a crown with my name on it..i have no idea what that was all about, then i seen this cat staring at me for a long time, it didnt move or anything, it just kept looking at me, then i seen a figure like man with a crown on his head and robe smiling at me from the sky. after seeing all of this i got so sick and had to go to the hospital but even being there God was sending me more messages and appearing in human form. From then on i knew it was him trying to get my attention because i kept denying the fact i was really seeing things. lol it was all weird though my parents dont even believe me..

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I believe that people have had encounters with God and/or angels/spiritual beings. Personally I fainted one time and I remember hearing a voice different from those that were trying to get me to wake up. The "other" voice was one of a peaceful nature.. I felt it was giving me the chance to either wake up or stay asleep.. that still creeps me out to this day.

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it's possible...i mean i've had dreams where the characters in them were just so unexplainably beautiful and my dreams were so heavenly, that i do believe it could have been a spirit or an angel. i don't think you're crazy at all for thinking this. just take it as a nice experience...and move on...

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Without going into any religious debates (cause it's not allowed), if we only use 10% of our brain and there are number of people with rare talents that can't be explained, even savants that can do amazing calculations and memorization, you know we are capable of seeing, hearing and feel things we're not used to.


So in a sense you may have encountered some other spirit whether it'd be something above us or someone that know you that's protecting you

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But was i really going crazy or did i really see something there. i dont know.


Hi, Treehouse.


As a depressed person, I can relate to being in a state where reality seems to lose its clarity, and becomes something else.


Despite the fact that there are thousands of people perpetuating the idea that only one true reality can exist, there are even more who believe otherwise, myself being one of them.


For example, I have read texts that ask the question about dreaming, and the "spirit-molecule" (DMT). Why does it exist? Why is it that we sleep and dream every night, and virtually no one can remember but a few threads of their deep REM experiences? I once read that "life is a dream, and death but waking". This is interesting. Our lifetime lasts but a millisecond, really, with the rest of time being spent - well, where? Where did we come from - and do we return to the same place?


Having had a near-death experience myself, I encountered deep disappointment when my experiences were written off by some who, having no similar context to compare, were still willing to TELL me what they KNEW about MY experience. A good friend of mind reminded me: Do not throw your pearls before swine. (Not that genuine advice-offerers are swine, but hateful posters perhaps).


The REAL truth is that NO ONE can "prove" whether God or alternate realities or other realms truly exist. The only truth we will ever be able to find is within ourself. For those starved of a spiritual awareness, I feel sadness that they would lack what is to me so important. I'm sure there are atheists who pity those that they see as "blind and naiive" in their belief of God or Heaven.


Personally, I believe that schizophrenics see the world in a special and extraordinary way that gives them a type of vision the rest of us simply cannot understand. Schizophrenia can be evaluated for it's special gifts, and does not necessarily have to be judged as 100% bad. Just as other differences and afflictions, there is positive and negative to be had in this condition. I also believe that by & large, hallucinations are important pathways to insight and awareness, and should be reflected upon for meaning.


Do YOU believe you saw God? That is all that is important. Take comfort in your gift if you truly believe in it. Don't let others spoil your divine insights for you.

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