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No idea whats going on...


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Not sure if this is correct place, if not sorry, move it.

Ill try and make it as short as possible.


I was trying to date this girl, we had plans to go out and do stuff 5 different times. i asked most of the time, she asked once or twice. She canceled 3 times, after the 3rd cancel i went NC on her. (she also said she would call me after she canceled the 3rd date, so i figured i would go NC until/if she called me)


She never called, i never contacted her. It had been 3 weeks to a month and i had not heard anything. Christmas came and she txt merry christmas, so i said it back.


Today she txt me again asking me how i was. it might have been the wrong move, but i txt back. Anyways i asked her why i had not heard from her in weeks and now she is talking to me.


her response: 1.U FORGET ABOUT ME 2.u never text me if i dont do it 1st 3. i lost my cell phone 4. i work every day but sunday


Im so confused because i want to believe her, i want what she said to be true. However, when she called me to cancel our last plans, she said ill call u later. she never called, or even text, yet i forgot abut her?


when we first started dating i did txt her atleast every other day, just to see how she was, i did not txt every day because we seen each other at work, and we always talked. as time passed, she continued to cancel dates, so me texting her did decrease, sometimes i would not text unless she did, but granted i was moving houses.


she has not lied to me that i know of, but heck we only went out 2 times how would i know? if she lost her phone she must have wrote my # down on paper, because i never gave it to her, she gave me hers and i txt her one day. i know if she had not wrote it down for me, and i lost my phone, i would not have her #, but i cant call her a liar without knowing her.


she does work monday through saturday, but that does not mean she cant text me in 3 weeks? or longer?


Im not even sure why she is talking to me, she said herself she does not have much free time, just in the mornings before she goes to work. if she does not have time for anything else, how is she going to fit me in?


at first thought, i thought maybe she found someone more interesting, tried to get with them but it didnt work so now she is falling back on me. however she claims she had not dated anyone since she broke up with her ex like 9 months ago.


im just so confused because i went NC on her because of advice from here, now its almost as if it hurt me, she said i forgot about her, i dont text her.


just a few days ago i was able to go all day, and not think about her once. even at work where i met her, always seen her, talked to her, and was there for 12 hours i could go all night and never think about her. then she starts talking to me again.


i must confess 2 things and then im done.

1. i never really got upset, or angry that she canceled on me, did not spend much time with me, im not a needy person, however i feel ill never get to know her or spend time with her, if she does not try and spend time with me.

2.english is her 2nd language, she speaks it really good, she was born in in my state, she went to school in my state, but her family speaks nothing but her primary language. she told me a few weeks after we were dating she wished she could tell me how she felt, but her english is bad. from what i have been around her, she speaks it almost 100% right, just a little confusion, like one night she called to tell me about her nightmare but she was not sure to call it dream or nightmare. simple, stupid, and dont really matter. i dont know if she thinks ill laugh, if ill think she is stupid, but she tells me nothing except yes she will go out and then cancels.

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better advice than i expected.


i know im not great looking, or the most exciting person to be with, but i do feel she has treated me bad. Even though, we only went out twice, she does not owe me anything, but the truth would be great. She hasnt told me like, i like u i want to go out with u things just keep coming up plus work, etc. she doesnt say im not sure how i feel about u yet, or i wanna take things slow.

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Even though i dont want to, maybe i should just quit altogether. Its not that i want a date(it was fun when we did go out tho), or need a date with her, but we do nothing but txt each other. I dont mind taking it slow or anything, i mean im very inexperienced, but how am i ever going to really get to know her, just by texting? i met her at beginning of october and i feel i barely know her.

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