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How have you been?

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I came to this board at around Sept. For the people who were active here at around that time, how have you guys/girls been?


I haven't been logging on much lately. But I always remember the stuff I've read and learned here. I am very grateful for people here that were listening when a girl needed to rant.


About me, some update: 7 months and counting after the breakup. Never contacted Ex. Never checked his myspace again after early Sept. Did not even think hard about "should I send him a Christmas card". And never heard from him either. It's somehow sad to think that two people who were in love now are completely strangers. But I guess this is life.


I was in kind of depression for a while (the depression is self-prescribed though). But now i think i've pulled myself together. Started piano lessons, started couch-to-5k, and even started clearning out my apt (endless cleaning, ugh!)


Holiday season is hard, since I don't have a BF now. Actually i haven't dated anyone after the breakup. No excuse for that, other than I've been busy with work, and pulling myself together.....


Anyway, I am just curious about other ENAer's progress. And want to say happy new year to every bleeding heart here. Time heals. Don't give up.

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Hi! It's been a while, huh? I still read here every night but I hardly write anything. I am doing okay. I don't think you know this but my ex ended up marrying that girl I wrote to you about! They were only dating 2 1/2 months. I hear from him every week or so; he says they're fighting all the time. I'm like, DUH, that's what you get since you hardly even knew her!


Well I'm glad you're taking care of yourself and doing things for you. Keep in touch if you feel like it. I'm always reading!


hi girl, it's so good to see you here again!!!


What can I say? he deserves it, i guess. People should be responsible for their decisions in life. And if you don't mind me asking, why are you still talking to him? you have no obligation to be his shrink when he needs to complain about his new wife.

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LOL! Im doing pretty much the same! Nice to hear we are in a similar boat! Single for the new year...not looking....no prospects and that is just fine as my picker is broken anyway!


Better be all pulled together and ready than not!


Actually when I found out that my ex quickly hooked up with someone right after our breakup, i was pissed and was thinking "oh i can find one in no time too. let me show you". Then i am like , ok, this is not a competition.

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i've been here for a year and a half. i was sleeping with my ex until march of this year... since then i've tried to maintain NC the best i can and slept with him a few times in between then and now. now i am doing strict nc and even if he calls i will ignore him. a year and a half of me going through this and him hanging me by a thread has been completely awful. i would be over him by now.

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