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So confused about love


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I know this guy who goes to the same club as me, and on this 2 day retreat i really got to know him better and felt i could be myself, more than ive ever been able to do in front of any other guy before, it just seemed no matter what i did he didnt seem put off. Nothing really happened between us we just had a laugh, paired up with eachother a lot and had a great time. He asked for my email address and I gave it to him and he remembered it and has emailed me since but his mum is very strict on him talking to girls and doesnt let him talk to me by email or text anymore, and has taken his computer and phone away to stop him doing so, and also whenever i see her she glares at me and pulled his sister away who was trying to tell me something. However he does email me when he's at school. The other day he told me he fancied me and hes mentioned how good of a connection we had and how much fun we had together, and i told him how i was thinking that too, but after we kind of just continued talking about christmas and stuff. I really cant stop thinking about him, its been almost 3 months since the retreat and I still cant get him out of my head, this is my first proper crush really and im so confused. I dont know whether I should bring up our feelings again or not, and i dont know what to do about his mum as i would be able to see him once a month at the club, but actually being together would be difficult. Im also confused if he feels as strongly bout me as i do about him. Im rubbish at reading signs/signals! Ive just never felt this way before and am soooooo confused. We're both only 14 so i dont know whether we're too young to really feel anything. Im worried if i make a big deal out of it and his feelings have gone it will become so awkward when I see him at the club. Also my friend has told him to ask me out and he hasnt which is confusing me cause he now knows i feel the same so I dont understand why he hasnt, my friend says its because hes too nervous, but i dont know :S. Ive tried to date since the retreat but I just kept wishing the guy was him so thought it best to end it, but I dont know if that was right or not. :S

So does anyone have any advice on what I should do about my feelings, and his Mum not letting us even contact eachother? i feel bad about him going behind her back to contact me but Im still really grateful he does.

Sorry its soo long im just confused. If you have time please help!

thanks x

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