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I have had it!!!!!


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Long story short. We have been seeing each other 4 years, 2 engagements, he broke up with me for the THIRD time 3 months ago. We have had LC and actually have gone out twice in the last month and it went very well.


Two weeks ago he said he would go to my work party with me as we were engaged a few months ago and I did not want to show up with another guy as it is a very conservative place of business. He said he would go 2 weeks before the party and 4 days before the party he says it is the same night as his sons x-mas concert and he could not go and that I should go alone.


He sends me 30 emails about what I did wrong in the relationship for the last week and leaves me texts at night saying hey I know you are you sleeping with other guys?


Today I asked him to go to dinner tonight and he said he may have tenataive plans with someone else and would get back to me. Five hours later he says he had a work project tonight on the internet and could not make it. That I should understand. He has never had work issues in 4 years regarding seeing me.


Then I leave a couple messages tonight saying I am sorry you are right things come up and he never repsonds. He just sent a text saying I am a freak.


Is it me???


What the heck is going on?????

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Now he just called and said next Monday night dinner for sure 100%. I said hey look I hate these games and he says no games that he still wants to see me and talk. Men!!!!!!!!


Please let me meet someone normal. Go NO CONTACT to everyone or you will be thrown into these silly shananagens.

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I agree with knightNshiningarmor. He sounds kinda weird, and he seems to have been messing with your mind for whatever reason. If he doesn't have one hell of a good explanation for acting so strange (if you decide to meet with him again) maybe you should just catagorically end it, it sounds like he's jerked you around long enough.

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dear, get him lost. he has no idea of what he wants in life, and if you don't either, I'm sure you'd love anything but this.


one thing about men and communication: forget what they say, pay attention to what they do. he stands you up, point fingers, confuses you, and almost convinces you that YOU are the problem of the relationship. BULLCRAP!


I've seen the kind, I've been with the kind. they can't stand the idea of being alone, period. and so he keeps messing with you, putting you on his pocket, to play at will until something "better" (stupid, doesn't know what he's missing) comes along.


really, no matter how bad a person you are, you deserve much better.

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