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Need alot of help with getting a gift (i know stupid but serious :( )


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well ya, Iv been going out with this girl for little over a month.

Knew her for about one or so before that.


now i have NO idea what to get her for christmas.


Shes been gone away since the 15th of december and comes back on the 3rd of january.


I want somthing Unique, but like i cant think of anything


Im usually really good at this stuff, but all the stuff im coming up with im like thats a little extreme for a 1 month hah.


(For her gift, she Made me like a verse of a poem on a letter, and there was one for every single day she is gone, like 1 verse per day)


like thats wackk.


But like i got her these little mittens that are like a cat, and i was thinking of

Getting a picture (but i would want it to be special which we havnt had enough time to have enough inside sentitmental things os iwas thinking of waiting until Valentines day) And i was thinking Going out to the first place i took her on a date, and having dinner, but thats almost too expected.


Im lostt

I want it to be like cute, and meaningfull.

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