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can a girl tell if a guy is a troubled individual


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hi -- here's what i would say to myself (and you) if i could go back in time....


when people show you who they are (and their problems) believe them. if you see signs that a possible significant other has problems coping -- think about what you are getting in to very carefully.


also -- don't get involved if you think you can help them get better. the only person who can help someone with a problem is that individual, him or herself.


i am going through a very painful divorce after a 10 year marriage. i believed my love was enough help for him to solve all of his problems.


don't get me wrong, we shared some very wonderful times but it wasn't enough to save our marriage.


everyone has issues and problems but if you prospective bf has issues with the big things: money, drugs, alcohol, abuse, fidelity.... enter into any relationship knowing you will be hurt unless that person has worked on his own issues first.


love is blind -- so true...... take care and good luck!

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