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OMG I did it and I can't believe it!!!! UGH....

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I was going so strong being on my 9th day of NC. No more crying even though i had my depressive moments. I thought i was getting better.


But I broke NC today and I really didn't have a pressing need. I called him at his work today around 11:30 and left a vm saying "hey it's me...jsut calling to see how you are.." Then it was 1 pm n I was obessing that he was sitting at his desk not picking up the phone either too busy or just ignoring me. So I called again around 1:15 pm. This time he picked up...General convo went like this.



Him: Hey wat's up?

Me: Nothing much, just got back from lunch.

Him: oh


Me i was just calling to say hey n how u doing.

Him: oh ok...i'm doing ok...hey i'm running into a meeting right now...did you need anything?

Me: Nope

Him: oh ok...well i'll call you later today

Me: okay be

Him: bye


Now I am obessing over the fact that is he going to call me later or really he was just lying and saying that like when we broke up he said hed keep in touch but didnt.


**sigh** i love him so much n just want him back...n i was doing so good...dunno what happened.

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Hey don't beat yourself up about it.


I used to all the time. I would get so upset with myself because I couldn't make 2-3 days. Many struggle with NC so its nothing to be mad at yourself over. Ask anyone on this board their struggles to stick to it.


Look at this as a learning curve. Get back on the horse. Unplug your phone so your not waiting for the call. If it doesn't happen you will be left panicked and heartbroken and if it does really what good can come from it when he was so dismissal to you today?


Learn that no good can come from breaking NC. Stick to it and let him come to you. It could take months but I am positive eventually he will call. The experts say it takes 6-8 weeks No Contact for an ex to truly miss us.


I found reading books very helpful when I felt low. I have read the journey from abandonment, reinventing your life, make up don't break up and how to get your ex lover back. All these reads just help you keep calm and put life into perspective.


Keep going and keep your faith xx

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Aw, we've all done that. Try to let it go, don't beat yourself up and just get on with your day. Don't expect/hope that he will call you back, you just broke up and feelings are still raw.


Try to keep busy, maybe try to meet friends for a drink or dinner, or hit the gym.


It will get easier.

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Yup, we’ve all been there. Ha-ha.


I agree with thinking of this as a learning curve. What did this conversation get you? Nothing. Did it make you feel better? No, now you’re anxious.


The next time you feel the urge to contact him think about what happened today. Is breaking NC worth it? No, most times it’s not.


Give yourself manageable goals for NC. You made it 9 days! That’s great! Now shoot for going 15 and when you get to 15, aim for 25. You can do it. Stay strong.

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