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What are the odds & what should I do ?


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Wasn't sure which section to post this in ?


I posted a while back and now I might have a problem. My husband and I have been trying to work on things.

Well, things have not been great- but He’s been trying. We tried to have sex about a week ago and he could only stay up a short time.

He fingered me and precame but then lost his erection as he was putting the condom on & before we could have intercourse.

I am now one day late for my period. I know it’s just a day. But I do NOT want to be pregnant.

I want a child, but not now while he’s fighting this depression and when he’s been

Threatening me. I know if I got pregnant, he would not want it. I would have to have an abortion. There’s no way he’d want it and I’d have NO Means to support a baby alone.

We were going to use protection, but we never even got to intercourse.

Could I really be preganant ? If I am, what should I do ? If there a hotline I can call- Please help !

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It sounds unlikely that you are pregnant. Did you actually have sex? If he precame inside you there is a chance that there were some sperm left over in his pre ejaculate from the last time he ejaculated and yes there is a small chance you could get pregnant from that.


What concerns me though is that he has threatened you. Not a good sign at all.

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