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She wants to get back together?

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After we broke up on Friday night, as I mentioned in a previous thread I emailed her to tell her I made it home okay, as she'd asked me to do. She responded within 10 minutes, just a short, superficial email. I decided that, if we were truly going to remain friends, then I needed to extract myself from additive four or five novellas per day that we were accustomed to writing each other. I knew that this would be hard, and I know we're supposed to be all about the NC at least for a little while, but I nonetheless compromised with myself that I would write her just once per day with the length constricted to X amount.


On Saturday afternoon, before I even responded to the previous night's email (which was already difficult not to respond to right away!), I got another email from her. Just more superficial stuff about her new phone, some family stuff, etc. I waited till maybe 6:30 and wrote her back something equally superficial — just kept it light, a funny story about the gym, stuff like that. I heard back from her within a couple of hours, the emails from her just getting longer and longer. I tried to keep myself busy and went to bed, resolving not to write back until Sunday evening. Had plans on Sunday afternoon and when I got back, there's yet another email from her, this time saying: she misses me and our emails, and talking to me every day, and she's becoming one of those people that she hates, but she doesn't want to hurt me again. I didn't know what to say; honestly, I half-expected this, but didn't think it would happen all over the weekend. I wrote her back last night, saying that I needed some time to think about it, and maybe we could chat later this week or next week. Not necessarily about the immediate circumstances, but just chat, like normal people. I left for the gym after writing that email and had a response by the time I got back. She said that she understood why I would need time to think and she was okay with however I wanted to handle it. Haven't written her back since I got that one last night.


I know that, if this even has a chance of working out, that I have work to do. But I also know that I can only control my own actions. She would need to put in work, too, i.e. not bottling things up and just letting me know when something bothers her.



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