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do you believe in curses?


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dunno , i didnt until my complete loss of a love life. no women in my family is happy and i, the one with high hopes and crazy dreams believed that it was just thier life and if they were not happy they at least had a go at it (happines that is).but it seems like its getting worse with the generations that pass. so here is the line of unhappy women.my granny-married twice and i never knew my moms dad because of how bad things have gotten between them.My mom- married three times with one kid from each marriage.now she is alone at no fault of hers but never-the-less she is still alone.my sisters each have married once and both have two children , one is getting divorced as we speak and the other lives in an unhappy marriage.now it comes to me.

i started dating in high school and the guy i was with made me feel like ...maybe just maybe the curse had been broken and i would be happy. but as fate would have it we broke up after dating for two years . and he may not have been in love with me but i was sooo in love with him. ever since him i have tried to get back out there and meet new people but the guys i do meet are jerks and i dont want anything to do with them.now im completely alone and no guy in site for miles. and im beginning to think that i will never be happy just like the women in my family . but at least they had a chance i never even got started. whats the deal am i cursed or do i still have a chance a breaking the chain.

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There is no curse, there is your attitude...


and until you change THAT...nothing in your life will change.


There's nothing here anyone else can make you do either, this is your life to do with what you wish, not just wallow in pity and think to accept that your dating life is going to be crap and your whole life will be unhappy because of bad decisions by your other femaile family members. If you choose to be like them, then yes... your "curse" will never be broken and you will be just just like them... is that what you want?

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im just unsure of why everything seems to be going to the dogs


When it rains it pours and usually when something bad happens it SEEMS that it all happens at once. But in reality it is only how you perceive them. Of course when bad things start happening you become down about it so what do you think is going to happen? You are going to start having a negative outlook on things, causing others to follow suit and go bad as well.


As the other poster suggested, change your attitude and i'm sure things will start looking up.

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thats not what im saying at all and i dont wallow in my pity. im just unsure of why everything seems to be going to the dogs , the curse thing i dont really believe in it but it seemed like a fitting analogy



Sorry... just everything from that initial post, sure looks a lot like wallowing in pity... not trying to be mean, just saying what it looks like. "mom's sad, grandma's sad, It can't be me too, but every guy's wrong for me, I'm alone"... it's just quotes from your original, and they are your attitude, and they are just words and worry, and they won't do a thing by saying them over and over other than drown you.


Fitting analogy... okay, well we've all had those types of things, break your analogy... and you know you can do that... you don't need any one of us to tell you that. A lot of people are having hard times right now, so do your best to stick together with family and fight it out.

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I could understand how you would feel that you are cursed in a sense but if you look at the big big picture, none of the females in your family are happy at the moment are they? They have all been through marriage and divorce a handful of times. Maybe you are the blessing, the one that live long through marriage with the right guy when he finally comes along.

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