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Bf broke up with me and put "dnt ask me about my gf" in his FB STATUS

jerk chicken

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me and bf were together for 2years, we even saw each other last week and he did want to break up with me b4that but then changed his mind when he saw me, last night he toldme hes had enough and its not working out n we are going in diff directions, i cried on the phone but he was just like ok im going now. he also asked me loads if i wanted to be friends but i said NO becausehow can i go from loving someone romnatically to just friends, its not possible! i am now really annoyed to see that after removing our relationship status he has put "dont ask me about my gf" and loads of ppl have obv commented on that WAT AN IDIOT!

i feel really upset and like what i thought was the future is finished, i also feel like i wont find someone else nice with everythingi want again, its find 2 find good men where i live

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Ugh. I know how you feel with the phone call. Mine did the same thing and left with a goodbye while I was crying like a baby. He didn't even have the courage to do it in person. I completely understand about the friends thing. It is too hard to be friends with someone you loved so much. You should probably just not talk to him for awhile. See what happens. He may come crawling back or he may not. As for the face book status, he probably just wanted attention and was looking for someone to talk to.


You will find someone. You never know where life will take you. I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone. Be patient and take this experience and learn from it.

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