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So there is this girl...


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Doesn't it always start that way


Some background info:

I never took PE as a freshman in my high school. I took it in 10th grade and I am now in it in 11th. I started the class back in september. I have never kissed/dated nor have I even consciously flirted with girl or tried to talk to a girl in hopes of a relationship (excluding as a friend). thereforee I have 0 experience with this sorta thing.




At first I didn't know anyone in the class (not to be condescending but a lot of the people in it weren't my type). I recognize the twin brother of a friend of mine though so I was able to strike up a conversation and we became pretty good friends. However, he was pulled out of the class for schedule issues. The same day this guy (jim) approaches me and asks if I know somebody named "Jeremy" I actually did and went to 1st-8th with him in a private school and now we attend the same high school. I felt pretty relieved that I could talk to someone else in the class. The next day (my other friend was gone) I met up with him when the class started outside.


He was with a girl (ashley) who I recognized. She had been in my french class in 9th grade but we never spoke before, she recognized me too. It took a few days but soon things weren't awkward between me and the other two, however, I still talked to the jim more. After a week for various reasons I started talking to the ashley more and soon jim started ditching so I talked to ashley all the time. At first our conversations were pretty static and I felt a little uncomfortable talking to her. However, soon we were pretty close friends and I got the feeling she was into me (her friend told me that I should ask her out even though she had a boyfriend).


Well anyway, this is the only girl I can really talk to about anything. I've told her so much about my life/ideas/feelings just out of normal conversations. She is also one of the few people who likes my jokes and sarcasm (which for me is a big plus for any kind of relationship.) Whenever I'm with her I feel a sense of comfortability. I guess based on the "book" definition I am also flirting with her, but to me it seems like a normal conversation. She has a boyfriend though (who she mentioned once in passing) and I wouldn't want to get in the way. I also don't want to potentially ruin our friendship even if they break up.


So I don't know what to do. Here I am for the first time in my life actually into a girl because of the way I can talk to her. I've never been able to talk to ANYONE with this level of depth about my life. Should I ask her out if she breaks up with her boyfriend? How would I consul her if she comes to me for help? I'm really unsure about all of this.



Thank you in advance.

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I think it's pretty admirable that you don't want to come between this girl and her boyfriend. However, in a situation liek this, the best thing to do is back down, don't flirt with her or anything like that. If she breaks up with her boyfriend, she's going to need some time to heal from it. If she immediately tries to jump into a relationship with you, take it as a warning sign, because if she leaves her boyfriend for you, chances are she'll leave you for someone else.


I recently stopped talking to a girl I really liked for solely that reason, she had a boyfriend, was flirting with me, and telling me she was in love with me. To me, it was just a sign of lackign character in her to be saying and doing these things while she had a boyfriend.

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