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Birth control question


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I know for most BC that you have to start either on the first day of your period or on Sunday. I want to start BC but my period was irregular this month and I was not prepared. My period was suppose to come tomorrow (Monday) but instead it came Saturday(yesterday). So I called the pharmacy to see if I could get the bc but they needed to talk to my doctor first-as she is the one prescribing it. She will not be in the office until Tuesday... Would it be alright for me to start the BC then?



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Yeah there's no reason why Tuesday wouldn't work. It's not like there's any medical difference between Sunday & Tuesday. I'm not even sure why they recommend starting it on Sunday. Just figure out the timing of when you will get your period. It usually starts 2-4 days after you start the green placebo pills. Would you rather have your period mainly during the week or the weekend?

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yea, you can take it. honestly, the reason they tell you to wait till your period is to make sure youre not preggo. and then they offer the sunday start just to be easier to remember.


you can start BC anytime you want...


Actually the reason for waiting until you start your period is because if you start the first day of your cycle the birth control is effective sooner, rather than if you wait until some random day to start it.

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