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Needs URGANT help!


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i have just started the pill and have completed my first pack (1 month) i had a mini bleed half way thru my cyle and have just today stopped taking my pill for the week off. me and my boyfriend also use condoms and the withdrawal method but i should have started my period 2day and havnt am i pregneant?


help needed please


p.s we are very carefull and always check the condoms and non have split

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Sometimes it's late, it can be due to lots of things. Stress, even sex, etc.


Why did you stop taking the pill?


And when your talking about not on your pill "the sugar pill week" Your 100% protected during then if you take it correctly.


I didn't have normal bleeding until I took the pill, now I usualy have it at the very end of my sugar pill week. But I still have Depo in my system, so if I'm late I don't need to worry.


Did you take it right? It's normal to have spotting at first, or not even a normal period the first few months. I took mine BACKWARDS the 1st month. Meaning, instead of having my sugar pill week the 4th week of the month like I was supposed to, I had it the 2nd, and that's when I bled. Thank God my boyfriend was at college then, because just for that week I would not of been protected.


But After that, Ive been on it 4 months and have been since taking it correctly! lol.

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Did you STOP taking it for a week? Or were you on your SUGAR PILL week? Because your 100% protected during then. But if you stopped taking the pill totaly, then there might be a slight chance. But if you used condoms, I'd say your chance is pretty slim to none.

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No it doesn't, I have been on the pill for a while now, about 3.5 years and I remember when I first started on it, my period was all off. It takes a while for your body to settle down. I get my period on the 3rd day of the sugar pill, and it's the same time every month now.


Just wait a few days and if you're still worried go to the doctor.

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