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How to Get Her


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Went to High School with this girl, she was a year older than me. I never spoke to her once in high school, but always thought she was very pretty. A few of my friends know her, but she goes to school an hour away.


To simply put it:


As improbable as it may seem, what would I do here if I wanted to make something happening. It may be unlikely, but not impossible. I'm friends with her on facebook and that's it. For whatever reason I was looking at her page the other day and thought back to High School.

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So you've never once spoken to her? Since it's the holidays, maybe start with a message, ie 'happy holidays' or 'happy new years' on her facebook. If she responds, you could start up with some topic relating to high school, since that seems like the one thing you guys had in common. Then ask her about college, and go from there.... You could also just jump right in and write that you noticed you guys aren't too far from each other, and that you two should hang out sometime.

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