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Have i got the right idea?? Now what??


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Hey guys,


After a year n a half, yesterday my Girlfriend told me she wasnt happy about our relationship and wants to be alone to get her herself together.


At first i didnt know what to do but man im soooo gutted!, i know im not the best Boyfriend in the world coz i suck at showing my feelings towards her but i do try in my own ways, but since then ive been hiding away, barely talking or eating and just in general...depressed....i want her back so bad. Its funny coz i didnt think id take something like this so bad, now that ive lost her i realise how much i love her.


After yesterday during the day when she finished it, i wanted to talk to her and we went out for a drive during the night. I tried telling her how i feel and that i want her back, obviously this didnt work and deep down i knew it wouldnt, but i couldnt resist. At the end of the night i dropped her off with her saying she doesnt want to loose contact with me or never see me again.


So today, i thought over my situation and keeping in contact with her i dont think is a good idea on my end so decided to leave her a text letting her know that staying in contact isnt a good idea and that im taking a back seat to try n get over her. With a thanks for everything and an i love you at the bottom etc. She said she understands and shes sorry. And now thats us pretty much in silence and now ive got things of hers lying over my room and me sitting on my bed with my laptop trying to find solutions to my problem.


So now what??? I feel like crap!.Have i done the right thing??? i dont know??? I just want her back more than i want anything.

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Hehe, you've just joined the broken-hearted club...

We've all been there and done that...and I have to say the first days are the thoughest ones...I didn't eat for 4 days after my girflriend dumped me...


I don't know about your situation but there's always hope that your girlfriend will come back to you. Just stick to No Contact and...well, sticking to No Contact will be already hard enough considering she just dumped you. DO NOT TEXT HER. DO NOT CALL HER. DO NOT BEG HER TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE.

Those things will only push her further away. You've already made clear you love her and you want her back. Now all you can do is wait.

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Definitely ignore it...jeans ain't worth the pain of seeing her again...stick to no contact. And remember, you're not alone in this. All relationships pretty much end the same way yours did, with the girls suddenly asking for space and time. They may or may not come back, remember we can't change their feelings for us. We can only wait and hope that time makes them change their mind. The first week is the most painful one, but if you stick to no contact things will get better pretty soon. You won't stop thinking about her, but you'll be eating, sleeping and "having fun" again.

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