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I just met this REALLY cool girl at a party.


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Normally I'm the type of guy that will just sit there and wait for something to happen. But I have noticed more recently that I've become more outgoing; in the sense that I talk to people more confidently/ more often. But there is still that lingering old me that sticks around to bring me back to my embarrassing past of silence and solitude.


So I met this girl last night. She's super nice, smart, funny, very outgoing, and last but not least; gorgeous. So instead of being the old me, I decided I would just throw myself out there and see if I could strike a conversation - and it worked! Throughout the party we connected two times on certain passions alike. Her body language also spoke to me - when we connected she would play with her hair, pivot her foot around nervously, and laugh a lot. But even though I broke out of my safety zone - there were still awkward moments of silence where I just could not think of anything to say. (other then something like "How's the weather?" type of BS).


I guess I'm writing this as sort of a diary, but I would also appreciate any advice or if you can relate to the situation. How does one work on becoming socially adept? Practice?




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Good job for breaking out of your safety zone! As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Have questions and topics ready beforehand can help just in case the conversation goes quiet. Be a good listener. And smile!



Listening was and still is my biggest problem. And it was something that I didn't know I was not doing! Practice makes perfect for sure... life is too short not to talk to pretty girls. =)

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When it comes to listening, do you have trouble paying attention(I only ask this one bc I can get a little spacey myself or do you just have trouble incorporating what she's saying into a response? It helps to take what she's saying and find key points about it - if what she's saying is funny, match it with a funny story of your own. If it's about her job, ask her how she's enjoying it or how she got into that field. Being a good listener also means showing that you're interested - so look her in the eye, face your whole body towards her, and nod your head in agreement with or understanding of a statement she makes. Showing that you're interested not only makes her feel interesting herself, but it makes you look more interesting to her!!

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