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Post Christmas depression?


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Or maybe just the blues? I feel so nothing today....no ambition, no energy, no nothing. Another Holiday has passed, without her, just him and me.


And looking forward to what? A New Years spent alone again, and on and on. Am near tears writing this, I feel so confused by my feelings, or rather, lack of them...



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Ah, honey, the holiday season sucks. It really does - I'm sorry you had a rough time, I can identify; I had a pretty quiet subdued Christmas.


The thing is, no matter how bad things are now, New Year is a new start, and things will get better, they always do. My motto in life is the snowdrop - just when you think that life is at it's coldest and hardest, the brave little flowers stick their heads up in the snow and ice and FLOWER shyly; if you look hard for them, you see these signs that there will be a spring again. And there will be, in your heart. You will heal, this will get easier.


I take this time to re-evaluate, to think about where I want to be this time next year. Snuggle down with your boy, think about the future and how you will heal, and remember that your heart is like the snowdrop - no matter how hard and broken the earth seems, you will flower again, you will flourish and blaze more brightly than ever. Just hold on to that, and although everything seems still and dead at this time of year, you WILL heal!



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