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He asked me out on msn quite recently (we're on holidays at the moment, so no other contacting methods). He's overseas at the moment and when he comes back, he plans to ask me out in person (because i told him it would be much more sincere if he does).


The thing is.... we don't know each other that well (yes how awkward - i made a post about that recently) and he doesn't know i am half a year older than him (i didn't display my year of birth on facebook). And i haven't had a chance to bring it up. He is 19 and I am 19 and a half. I have always been quite conscious about age (to me, they're more than just digits). I don't even know if i can handle being in a relationship with a guy younger than myself (nothing else, just the plain thought). I know this might sound bizarre, but i think i would end up looking/treating him more like a child rather than a boyfriend.


I would like to know from the guys,... would you date an older girl? I know age does not determine level of compatibility or anything and i know every guy thinks differently when it comes to this... but i guess i need some opinions.



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Oh sweetie...6 months is nothing! My first kiss when I was 12 was with a 10.5 year old. I understand your feeling about age being more than digits, but I think that would be more important if he were 17 or possibly barely 18. not simply 6months younger. It will be ok, I don't think you should talk down to him.



*sorry just saw your line about asking guys....Oops I'm a girl.

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Why not give him a chance and make an opinion on him for who he is and how he acts, not when he popped out. Having a prejudice about age, especially when you are so close in age with him, will never conceivably be productive.


You not wanting to date him purely because of his age is (at least to me) akin to not wanting to date someone because they have different colour skin to you. Would I date an older girl? Just as readily as I would date a younger girl.

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