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How do i know if he likes me???


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There's a guy that works at the pet store i frequent about once every 3 weeks to buy bird seed.


I always used to go with my then boyfriend (im sure he knew he was my bf as we would go in holding hands).


He would always smile but never make direct eye contact with me, he would always look down. Sometimes ill be looking elsewhere and turn to look at him and notice him looking my way and then when i look at him he looks down.


I havent been there in a couple months as my neighbour has been going to buy my bird seed for me as she gets some for herself as well.


This guy is really hot and i am thinking of starting to go in there myself but not sure what to do.


Does it 'sort of' look like he may think i am ok?? And didnt say or do anything coz he always saw me with my then bf.

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It doesn't particularly sound like he's interested in you. The smiling & looking down when you're there, looking at you when you're walking around the store.... that sounds like something I would do if a customer would come into my store.


But, the way he's looking might say something else. When a person looks away and to the side, that means that they aren't interested in you. When a person looks away and down, that person finds you attractive. I can't remember where I read that though....But I find that I do it all the time!!!


However, his looking down might be because he's reading something or doing work? It's hard to tell, especially if you haven't been there in a long time. I say go back and do some more testing... Also try to make some small talk with him, or ask him to help you find something different in the store.

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Go back to the store and if you see him, casually "unexpectedly" work your way towards him. Say hi and ask him if he can recommend a pet product. That's casual enough to feel things out. It doesn't have to be anything immediate. Who knows, maybe the next time you go back to the store, he'll pursue you a little more- whether to be a friend or more!

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