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oy. I do not recommend this unless you promise yourself to only read the profiles of and communicate with people within a close physical distance. The pain of getting attached to someone who's path you will never cross is heart wrenching. Plus, people are more likely to mess with you if you're far way, they won't be serious at all, because they feel the distance is a safety net of sorts. If you want more advice, private message me. I know all to well the pain online dating sites can bring. I encourage you to try, but keep your head about you and please please guard your heart from manipulative people just looking for an ego boost

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Word to the wise. Don't show that you are desparate. desparate isn't attractive.

I sort of agree and disagree with foreveralone. I agree that anyone can be who or what they want behind a computer screen.

But online romances don't always end up with heartbreak. You just have to be smart (not deparate) and keep your eyes open. Don't ignore the red flags b/c you are afraid to be alone. Work on your self confidence a bit ok?


As for places to meet ppl? There's dating sites, forums, game rooms,

myspace (which I loathe) and chat rooms.

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