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Can't get over this

Car Chick

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He's going to a men's ministry that is offering him the degree in pastoring that he wants, but he's got to spend two months there without contact (other than a little with family) to get closer to God and really set his life right. Maybe in that time, he'll have time to think, and he'll really know what to do about the situation, but I don't know if I should leave with the thought of me still loving him to think about there too. I just don't know if I should tell him or not. Maybe I could test the waters by asking him if he's fine with the just friends thing or if he still thinks about dating me.


this totally sucks. the fact that both of you are alcoholics won't change, but if you can both stay sober, maybe you can have a sober life together. i don't know enough about aa to know - is getting together with other people there a no-no? is that why he's hesitent?


are you willing to wait two months for him while he figures this pastor thing out? do you feel like he will be sorting his feelings out for you at that time? do you have the sort of relationship with faith that would make you okay dating someone in a pastoral role with a church?

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I never really got the meditating thing. for me that step was more prayer, but I can't seem to get any answers from God right now.


I don't really know how to mediatate. I can never seem to clear my head enough to do that.


Do you have a female sponsor? Can you call her? Do you have other female friends in AA, can you call them?

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