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Icky feeling...what's causing it?

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Hey everyone...


I have NO idea what this is. It may just be in my head, but...


The last 5 days or so, off and on, I have felt kinda nauseous, like my stomach is unsettled. **PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT, NOR COULD I BE, PREGNANT. IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. It started the day before Christmas Eve, when I awakened from one of my usual vivid dreams. I have a lot of really, extremely vivid dreams, sometimes ones in which I am eating and/or drinking and can actually taste things. Well, in this particular dream, I was eating something, and it tasted AWFUL. I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach. Pretty much all day, I had "flashbacks" of that dream -- I would think of that taste, and I would feel like I was going to gag. I have been dealing with some feelings of anxiety related to my ex, and I'm wondering if the nausea has been triggered by that, and the dream just kind of compounded it -- not sure. The ex has definitely been on my mind a lot lately, and we have just recently been talking a lot more and having some heavy conversations that have left me a bit overwhelmed.


So...fast forward to that night. I went out to dinner and had two mixed drinks (two of the same type) and part of my dinner. I was a little buzzed, but not drunk by any means. I wouldn't have driven a car or anything, but I was coherent, albeit a little tipsy. I felt fine until I got home, and then I immediately started to feel bad. I lay down on my bed for awhile, until I felt like I could get up. I went into the bathroom, still feeling OK, and then, all of a sudden....yikes. I threw up, several times. Now, folks, I have thrown up from alcohol only ONCE prior -- almost 15 years ago, and I had drunk WAY more that time than I did this one. And, since that last time, I have been WAY more drunk (on a few occasions, but not many -- the Milennium New Year being the last major one) but never thrown up. In short, I have been really drunk before, off of all kinds of crazy mixtures of stuff, and I've only thrown up one other time. Maybe I got a hold of some bad booze? Maybe I hadn't eaten enough? I don't know.


The next morning (Christmas Eve), I felt FINE -- I'm not kidding. No hangover, nothing. I didn't feel dehydrated, or have a pounding headache, or any of that stuff, and I didn't even feel tired or drained. That whole day, I was fine -- ate OK, everything, and on Christmas Day, too -- ate rich foods, etc., felt fine. My brother in-law offered me a cocktail, though, several times over the course of the last few days, and I had to decline, because just the thought of hard alcohol made me start to feel queasy. It was a fleeting feeling, though, and I was OK after a few minutes. I had a few sips of wine, but it didn't taste good to me, so I didn't drink much of it.

Yesterday and today, though, I've had this vaguely nauseous feeling ALL day, and off and on, I've felt like if I ate something I might vomit. Today, I have eaten, and I just ate dinner, but now I have that queasy feeling.


So, to sum up:


1) I had a dream a few nights ago about eating something that tasted terrible and woke up feeling queasy; felt queasy for most of the rest of the day. Yes, I know this is weird, but what can I say? I have very strange dreams, very frequently.


2) I went to dinner that same night and had two mixed drinks and somehow ended up throwing up, even though it really didn't seem like a lot of alcohol; I did NOT have food poisoning -- I've had it before, and this was clearly NOT the same.


3) I was fine on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but then yesterday and today, the queasy feeling has returned; I've eaten, but my stomach feels unsettled, and right now, I feel really queasy. I don't think I'll throw up, but it's NOT a great feeling.


I am dealing with some pretty heavy emotions right now in regard to my ex. Looooong story, one that I won't post here, but lots of stuff going on there. I'm wondering if that, coupled with the alcohol and too much rich holiday food lately, is just playing havoc with my digestion.


Does anyone have any ideas? I am NOT a huge drinker -- never have been -- but I swear I used to be able to hold my alcohol WAY better than that. I've never in my life thrown up after only two drinks -- ever! Weird.

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