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interpreting messages from ex

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so bf broke up with me a month and a half ago for no good reason but I suspect he was cheating. We have gone on and off NC but I always break it and respond to his messages. I have recently received two messages that I haven't responded to and need a littlehelp interpreting them.


One message I got on Xmas eve after I returned a sweater and pair of pants I had of his. I didn't want to see him so I just dropped themat his door. I guess the sweater smelled like my purfum since ihad worn the sweater he said 'I like that you sprayed my sweater to smell like you' was he being sarcastic thinking I did it on purpose or did be reallly like it?


Also got a. ' merry Xmas babe' message on Christmas. Was he just being nice and why would he say babe?

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I know this is going to sound waaaay easier said then done, but take it from me, try as hard as you can to not give those messages any thought. Take them at complete face value because if he had real true intentions behind them he would not be going about it like this. The more you desensitize yourself to those texts the more he'll wonder why you're not reacting. And if that's not the case, he's more than likely just trying to keep you emotionally connected as a fallback, and responding to that will only get you sucked into to * * * * ty mindgames that hurt far worse than the breakup alone. Believe me, I've just recently been there.

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i know you probably don't want to hear this, but the healthiest thing i think you can do is stop analyzing every word he says or every sort of contact he has with you. i am guilty of overanalyzing, and believe me... it just makes everything worse!


if you are really broken up, stop dropping stuff off, stop answering his contact, and stop thinking about what his love life is like... it doesn't matter. it doesn't change anything. the more you discover, the more miserable you will probably be.


go nc. love yourself. work on yourself. you are the only thing that matters now!

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