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What works better for you?


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I have used Theraflu -- it's a powder that you make into a drink by adding hot water to it -- and it works wonders. There's a nightime version AND a daytime version, as far as I know. I've also tried Tylenol Cold medicine -- it's orange liquid in a bottle -- it tastes FOUL, but it really helps with symptoms, particuarly fever, congestion, and coughing.

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Thanks guys


I took the robotussin and i feel worse today


I feel like i was hit by a mac truck, my WHOLE body aches! and I have a terrible cough that is like stuck in my chest and sore throat. ugg


My fever went down though from 102, to 100.5 so that's good. I feel a million degrees though.


I think I'll try the theraflu and the vaper rub. Are you supposed to put it on your feet!? haha, i'll try anthing.

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I used old fashioned remedies...


Vicks Vapor Rub rubbed into the chest and back for the congestion helping you to breathe easier...


Pain killers such as Ibuprofen or something similar as they will help bring down the temperature...


Cough medicine such as Benalyn or something similar to help with chesty coughs and soothing the throat...


Also something like Lucozade will help as it has glucose which the body needs...


Keep up the pain killers every 4 hours.


Plenty of bed rest too as your body needs to recover from the Flu like symptoms...


If you have a temperature they always say not to eat but drink plenty of fluids as you will dehydrate.


Hope you get better soon





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