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Is it bad seeing a newer girlfriend everyday?


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I've been with this girl officially for about 9 days now, dating for about a month. She texts me or I text her almost everyday about seeing each other that night, how much we miss each other, and lately we've been agreeing to meet up every night. Things are great and they don't seem to be stale for either of us. We both enjoy each other's company so much. But I'm worried this will cause us to get sick of each other long term...



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It's cool if you want to see her everyday but I would give her some alone time here and there. If you make yourself to available she is going to get bored with you eventually.


thats all i would suggest too. to much talking, texting, etc.. yeah its great when you click with that person, but my advice, tone it down a little, i met my dream girl, we talk in the morning, text or msn during the day, than talk or see each other,at night, and all this time we where not bored talking to each other, but, after 4 months, i saw the spark going dim, we spent too much time talking, no mystery, i think next time i will cut down on my text, talking time, do leave that little bit of mystery or suspense, like hey what she doing or her thinking hey what is he doing? but thats just my thought, good luck

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I've been in 2 relationships like this. It's all good to start with but later on it feels a little like you cant breathe. Not only that other areas of your life start suffering and you find you lose friends and dont get to do the things you once enjoyed, your whole life revolves around that person.


We're all different though, so if it feels good to be together a lot then by all means go for it.

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Hah, well, I'm prolly not exactly the guy you want to go to about relationships but my two cents? It's not inherently a bad thing, but it'd probably be for the best to dial it down a bit. It's not really just the idea that you're "suffocating each other", but here's the thing... it seems like a lot of people these days spend a little too much time together in the early stages of the relationship; this can make things progress a lot faster than they should, because both people are under the impression that "Well, we've spent every day for two weeks straight together, I know everything about him/ her, and I'm madly in love with them!", but once things inevitably start to cool down, well... that's when people start seeing they moved too fast.


Besides, like some one else said, it's better if there's some "mystery" there, yanno? Isn't there some saying, something "makes the heart grow fonder" ("distance"? Crap, what's the word I'm looking for here, some one help me out! lol)?

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i just posted a topic about how long before you're exclusive and then I read your thread. Good timing, actually, for me.


Every relationship I've had where we see each other all the time has been really hard for me once it ends. (If it ends). I found that I didn't keep a strong balance between friends and my 'own' interests when I spent all of my time with the new person. In the end I did feel pretty smothered and just a bit lost.


Thanks for your post!

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