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obviously I have had much to say about alot of your relationships


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Why did I come here actually everything I have shared has been my own experience with relationships...

I have learned that no relationship ever ends..........whether people die or go on living relationships should never end...this is just my twist on life and love take it or leave it.

To sit down and write a letter to any person living or dead, and to say all the things I would like to say honestly....gets me intouchw with me , thoughts and feelings...sometimes I tear up up when releasing the pain ...sometimes I cuss them out sometimes I am gentle and tender....in relationships we feel all of these things and unless we allow ourselves to truly get in touch with our basic needs and wants...our true feelings and emotions we bunch all over the place...by taking this stuff out of our heads where it is just creating total confusion and chaos.....and putting it down on paper where we can see exactly what is happening we are constantly feeling sorry for ourselves and blaming them or ourselves for things we really shouldn't be owning in the first place.

Then tear it up after you read it or burn it up and just be grateful you found your self again after losing your self to some one else.

By coming here to this forum I was reminded of this process of remembering who I really am...I was in a situation and by sharing with you all about writing the letter I remembered to do it myself.


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I do this too. Sometimes if the feelings are too strong and negative, I'll tear it up. But, most of the time, since I have a journal, I end up keeping most of what I write. Either way, the act of writing for me is a way to get all of those thoughts out of my mind. It's easier to stop thinking about it, because I know that if I want those memories, I have them stored away on paper.

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I suggest tearing it up simply to put it behind myself...otherwise when I go back and read it I am just looking to see did I leave something out, or should I do more to gain control of situation. For me it is solely to get in touch with me in the here and now...should I have to do it again a later date then so be it.............after I get intouch with my thoughts and feelings...that piece of paper is meaningless. I don't want to analyze my thoughts and feeling I just want to straighten it all out in my head and body.

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