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I kissed my Ex...and she liked it!

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Hey ya'll...


I have this weird knack of getting myself into troublesome situations I would better not find myself in. This is probably due to the circumstance that I am a very emotional person, and in some silly situations my emotions approve silly actions... Of course, this is no excuse whatsoever, for what I did last night:


Every year on christmas I go back to my hometown to see my family and my friends back from school, most of the latter I only see once a year on this very occasion. We generally tend to go out and have a drink and reminisce about the olden days, when were still in school, or at uni. Since a few years my ex-gf has been turning up to these meetings too, as she is close friends and/or works together with some of my friends.


We were together for two and a half years, both being fairly young at the time, she was turnin 18 and I was 23 when we split some 7 years ago. We both were very much in love with each other, being each others first long term gf/bf. However, she had been with me since the age of 16, so she felt that I was too mature and settled for her, which is why we eventually broke up.


It has taken us a while, until we could actually talk to each other again and only two or three years ago, after I found a new and stable long term relationship, we managed to speak again.


Yesterday, however, we both were at the same party, with some of my friends. We ended up telling stories, drinking, laughing, just a nice party. After a lot (and I mean a LOT) of red wine, I got a bit tipsy and accidentally poured a full glass of red wine over a girls white dress (she was a friend of my ex). Of course, I tried my best to help her to clear the mess I made and apologized a million times to her, telling her how sorry I was, but she was so angry that I decided it would be be better to leave in order not to spoil everyone's evening.


As soon as I had left I received a text from my ex, telling me how sorry she was the evening ended this way, and that she felt I should return to the party. I called her back and told her that while I was still walking down the street, I did not feel like returning. She the told me I should at least turn around and tell her goodbye, so I eventually went back. She stood in the driveway. Freezing. Shivering. I offered her my jacket, and we ended up talking for a bit, and laughing about what just had happened.


I told her how happy I was we could talk again and how it would always be good to see she was doing fine. Then, all of a sudden, she leaned her head to the side and looked me in straight in the eyes...I cannot even begin to describe all the feelings that went through me. A fuzzy warm shiver taking control of me...and we kissed... At first just shyly, but then we both got wilder and I guess at some point you could say we were making out. Despite both of us being in a relationship...


We went back in to sit in the staircase, in order to be a bit warmer. And we kissed again and again. And again. It was amazing and we both could not stop... until we could hear her bf in the staircase looking for her. I told her that I was sorry, and that she should leave and she took off immediately. I went straight to my house.


After the haze of last night's wine lifted its veil this morning and I became fully aware of what has happened, I feel really bad for it. Not only, because we kissed, but because I feel responsible for what happened. I know it was mutual. I know that she was, too, fully aware what was going on. Both of us were more or less drunk, but not so obliterated, that we were not accountable for what we were doing. And after all, we are both adults. But still, I really feel bad for it.


I don't know whether I should apologize to her, or whether I should just leave things be and try to forget. It's definitely not that we'd waste a thought to get back together again. It has simply been too long for that.


What to do?

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I would not bother contacting her at all. You both cheated on your partners..she cheated while her boyfriend was at the same party...there was no reason for her to call you back to the party so you could say goodbye...she had cheating on her mind when she called you back to the party. She didn't care that her boyfriend was right there. So I would stay far away from her and not contact her, period. If she contacts you just tell her that it was nice meeting her again, all the best for a good New Year and leave it at that. Do not mention what happened with the make out session. It is over and done with. I would also suggest that you be honest with your girlfriend because one day she might learn about this indiscretion and it is better that she hears about it from you right after the fact than if she hears about it from another source months or years from now when she will have to detail with not only the betrayal but the cover-up.

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You guys are right. I should not be in touch with my ex and I generally do obey this principle. However, once a year around christmas, I kinda break with it, as I love to meet all of my friends... Last night should, however, show me I shall not break with it again. Nothing good comes out of it.


I just sincerely hope that those few minutes do not cost both of us years of relationships... I really should have known better...

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