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need help..confused.lost.depressed


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guys i really need some help.

i feel wasted really.

i ll try n put my story in short.


i met this girl 2 months back who i started dating like with in 2 weeks after we met.she is french and has come for work exchange to india.

we dated for 2 weeks which was very passionate.

i spent night over with her twice as well but she dint let me go down so it was more of fondling and kissing.

she shares her flat wth some other friends.

then suddenly she says she cnt fancy me anymore and cnt kiss me.which left me hi and dry.

i cried , she said she s feelin bad coz she started it and she tried calm me down.

i was in a mess and she still kept meeting me.

it became awkward coz i used to be in mess and she kept saying what can she do about it as in she cant help me.


and she wants to be friend with me and tht she likes spending time with me.


i was in terrible state but i tried to put my focus on work and stuff.


but now i m sort of off work.


last week i met her again for dinner and we were both very comfortable which she also said. we were holding hands . she was in my arms as we went for a long walk.

then i met her after 3 days , she wanted me to sent her parcel for her parents so i was helping her.

she made dinner and stuff wth her flatmates.

i just touched her shoulderd and she said dont touch me.

she realised i was a bit pissed off but i dint said anything.

i left with a hug after sometime.


its been a week since then we havnt met.

she had asked me earlier for her christmas party but then she never invited me on the eve.

i generally texted her askn if she would like to meet up she said she s havn a party so she cannot but we can meet up for a film on the christmas day ...to which i said ok.

i called her to wish her next day.i had ordered a nice cake for her as i thought i ll meet her ...and i told her over the phone tht i have a cake for her to which she dint said anythng.

i askd her if the movie plan is still on

she said she ll let me knw

i got a text in sometime tht she dont want to go as thr s nthng nice on.


and since then we hvnt communicated.


i am feeling very low and dont know what to do.

normally almost everyday i ask her if she wants to meet up but i dint asked her yesterday.

now i am confused if i should text or call her or wait


please suggest something.

i am really depressed and have no clue on what to do.

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The world is plenty of fish.


And if you take a net that is big enough you might even catch the one you wanted originally.


I emphatically disagree with the pessimistic negative-minded attitude of Sn0Man and SighSob. If she kissed and fondled with you there has been interest by her.


For some reasons, she cannot take a step further. Perhaps there are some constraints she didn't want to talk about with you. Perhaps she has a boyfriend abroad.

Or perhaps she's not in the right mood. Or you were too clingy.


Try changing your overall attitude and see what happens.


Experiment, experiment, experiment.


Never give up!

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Well come on he met her 2 months ago and they have been dating for two weeks. If she's ran out of interest in TWO WEEKS I don't see the point of pursuing the relationship...I don't mean to be rude or pessimistic I'm just saying hey the world is full of girls who will like you more than this one!

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Read what you wrote:

You should be angry with yourself for thinking lust is anymore than lust

obviously she enjoys sex and you were there and attractive enough to get laid with......but to be that emotionally involved in such a short period of time is actually insane.

I am going to make a suggestion to you...take it or leave it

Sit down and start writing a letter that will never get sent...the purpose of the letter is to get into realistic touch with your fellings.

You said you were pissed and did not express it..

You start your letter off with being pissed...let it all hang out...write about everything you are feeling and thinking...by the time you finish telling yourself the truth about how you feel and think.....you depression will pass and you will be getting honest with your own self...no body can do that for you

LIKE I said this is not a letter for french girl it is solely for you..........if you send this letter to her you will be in ten times worse shape then you are already in as she after hopping your bones so quickly will be like a bunny in heat jumping all over the place.


PS too bad you were not around for sex..drugs and rock and roll.....totally and complete fredom no strings attacted.........having experienced all that myself....I know I am that same person minus the drugs....

give me sex , coffee and Marlboros and rock and roll.

give yourself a break write the letter.

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