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New Years with a girl other than the gf?


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So I'm in college and my gf lives a few hours away from me. For New Years I am planning on visiting one of my friends from school which happens to be a girl. She is having a few people up to her place for the celebration and my gf knows that I am going.


I'm wondering if its inconsiderate or even wrong from a female perspective to visit and spend New Years with a girl I am friends with and her friends opposed to spending it with her considering both of them live a few hours away.


We have been going out for just over 2 months now.



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If you're only two months into a relationship, I don't see it being a big problem. If you had been together longer i'd say otherwise. Is there any way to bring her along? You should at least invite her, so she won't have any reason to hold it against you, just in case she's not so happy about it.

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To be honest with you, objectively I see nothing wrong with it, but there is a part of me for which this would raise eyebrows...I can't even give you a rational reason why. Sorry, just a gut feeling thing.

Exactly why I think you should, at the very least, invite her.

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If the girl you're dating is interested or should I say hinted to spend New-Years with you and you decide to spend it with another female friend instead then I don't think it's appropriate but if your gf has other plans and seems not at all bothered by it then go for it. What's stopping you from taking the girl your dating with you to your friend's house for new years?

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If your gf & the friend live equal distances away, I don't quite understand why you wouldn't want to spend it with your g/f? Particularly in a newer relationship....


Not saying your feelings are "wrong", as they are what they are of course, just that I am personally surprised at the one choice over the other...


As another mentioned, have you considered inviting her?

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