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Breaking the ice of indifference


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Imagine a situation in which you got angry with someone for something she/he did or said, and whatever he says or does to apologize or explain why he did so, you just don't care and get angrier the longer she/he sticks around.


You are totally indifferent to whatever she/he does or says. A bit like when a police agent arrests someone and says you do say may be taken down and used in evidence against you."


However much she/he tries to convince you that you probably misunderstood something, you decide not to listen anymore.


What could that person try doing at that moment in order to break the ice?

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You definitely do not want to hear this but my reply is that you leave the person alone and stop irritating them. It will only push them away more and make them listen to you less.


Another trick is to agree with what they are saying and become submissive. Might break down their walls and make them convince themselves that they are being too harsh on you. Personally I find it manipulative, but it is a tactic that can work.

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i would leave he/she well alone.. If I had sincerely apologised and was then "punished with indifference or "the Silent treatment" I would feel totally disrespected . Let this person "cool their heels ALONE...and they can then initiate contact later.. State why you are leaving and make it clear you will not be returning until they wish to act like an adult...You have said sorry... Its history...the more you make of it the more it grows.....

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Given the limited information you've provided on your problem I'd say you've been given good advice. I don't think anyone on this forum is going to advocate aggression ....obviously it could result in assault charges and a victim being hurt. You've presented a hypothetical question, just what kind of solution were you expecting?

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Could you at least provide me with some logic explanation to your solution instead of just writing some random wisdom?


Perhaps YOU should listen to CADogs and other good advice..It is also very Difficult to give sound advice to someone who

1. has not explained EXACTLY what happened.. thats your business of course

2.. Someone who does not wish to take advice from both the person they have upset and the people on this forum offering assistance...

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