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constantly hurt


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It seems as though life gives me the same old stories and love scenarios...J is someone who I met at work and had an instant liking towards worked hard for him to notice me and start paying me some attention but he still didn't want to have a relationship with me...we made out lots of times at work but have never gone out outside of work...sad but true

we talked about possibly having a relationship but he said hes not ready to let his heart feel that way since hes been hurt to many times before as well as he doesnt want to hurt me and has tom many things on his plate...

hes all for having sex but not getting into anything serious...


I've thought about it but I just can't seem to do it...fnny thing to he says i'd be a great gf...i just don't get it...i'd be a good gf but you won't try and give it a shot....it hurts becuase this si the second guy that tells me this and well I wonder what am I doing worng if anything the first guy to tell me this a month later had a gf...


I'm just so hurt by always getting these answers and responses....never seem good enough or something


anyways some words of encouragment or something would be nice right now...

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True, it sux to long for someone who doesn't share the feelings, however, at least this man is upfront with you and not leading you on. Get acquainted with this site, and read some of the poster's stories where they were lied, cheated on, decieved and more, by partners who clearly weren't into them.


Think of it as a blessing in disguise when a man tells he is not interested in a meaningful relationship with you. Leaves the door open for the man who will want that from you.

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From your post, it sounds as though only two guys have actually said this to you? Is that all?


Firstly, that's not very many, and no way an indication that your whole life's going to be like this.


Secondly, if you find yourself overwhelmed by romantic feelings - get a grip. You don't know the person, don't know if you have anything in common, whether they're kind, attached, whatever. Take your time to get to know people before letting go your feelings and having physical contact of any type; unfortunately, a lot of communication takes place 'below the radar' and when people of either sex sense that the other person's getting heavy at a very early stage - it's quite scary and offputting.


Finally - I guess you don't need me to say this - don't have sex with someone if you aren't sure of their feelings for you, or you're likely to end up feeling hurt and used.

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