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Decisions...To Rekindle A Friendship...


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Oh and the rekindle thing is strictly platonic... Just thought I would note that lol...


ok, I wrote a thread quite a while ago about a friend who owes me money and at times he can be a sarcastic jerk, we stopped being friends entirely (his decision) I was willing to fix the friendship, however he didn't feel the same. We did not speak for some time.


When we were younger there were times where we would stop being friends then be friends again. Well he wrote a email to me recently, pretty much saying he regreted his actions, needed time to understand his situation, and he said he would be paying me all the money back he owes me. Our friendship pretty much ended do it lies and money


Yesterday morning we unblocked each other from MSN, our talk was quick because my dad was coming to get me for Christmas dinner. His last message to me was basially saying we should go for a walk to the beach and talk and he left me his number. Well he lives down the road from my parents so that seems all fine and well. I never called him though.


A huge part of me has missed our friendship (We have way more good memories than bad) I'v had pretty much no friends sense he left so I have been quite lonesome... I never called him because I was nervous and as dumb as this sounds didn't want to rush right back into a friendship with him with fear of being hurt. We both were hurt though...


I guess I am trying to figure out if I should be friends with him or not. I think my mom would like it. My sister and boyfrind wouldn't. They both are very negative about the situation.


I deal with enough neagativness from my dad so I don't want to hear it from others If that makes sense.


I know I am partially vague with this. This is the thread from when we stopped being friends:


I am going to say don't read the whole thing, it is very long...


I can ussually forget but not forgive but thats my problem I guess. I am trying to figure out what to do next I guess. I am worried, but I would like my friend back...

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I just read your other thread as well and even though it seems he wants to work it out on your frinedship, you have to ask yourself if you can really trust him. You say above that your former friend said once again he would be working to pay you back your money - but isn't this the same thing he said over and over again before, with no results?


It's hard to give up a friend, and it seems to me as though you really want this person to be a friend. But I hope for your sake he's not trying to rekindle the friendship so you will lend him more money. And if you decide to be friends with him again, never lend him a cent - ever.


Money has a bad way of ruining friendships.

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Yes, money can definitely change people in negative ways. I would suggest never lending money to friends again. I've had experiences in the past where I've lent a bit of money never to see it again, even lent CDs or DVDs and have gotten it back broken or it was lost. It's just not worth it to get mad at friends over material possessions, and it's hard NOT to when you are dealing with it, so for me, it's been years since I've lent anything to a friend, and I don't plan on doing it ever.


But, because he says he's regretted his decisions, I think the friendship is worth another chance. If he is willing to talk with you, I say go for it. Tell him everything on your mind, and really listen to his side of the story as well.

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