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Mask covering my face, No one to see me.

Mirrors shattered for my own peace.

Alone I sit alone I belong


Tired of looking, tired of trying

Death shall bring me peace.

Alone I sit in my mask

No one to stare or to laugh


Forever broken forever scared

My own hell I live in

My own mask my safety

Alone I sit in my room


No one to care, no one to love

My nightmare to keep me company

My dreams all disappear

Alone I sleep with my mask

Never out of reach


So much beauty so much love

None of it for me none to share

Alone I sit in my chair

Alone for ever in my mask



God forsaken me, God I left

Even as a child I knew my fate

For my future was pre told

My future so black

Alone I sit in despair

Alone I grow old

A life not to share

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