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Who broke NC this Xmas and whose ex broke NC?

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I didn't and my ex didn't. And that's fine with me. I actually surprised myself by barely thinking about him. I guess I'd got myself into the mindset where all thoughts of "Oh god, last Christmas he and I were......." were firmly pushed aside. I spent the day with my son and his father (yes, a different ex lol) and it was surprisingly stress free and relaxed.


I have no desire to reconcile with my son's father but we get on fine now. All in all, the day went much better than I thought it would. All my worry and dreading it were for nothing.

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I am so proud I didn't break NC.


I cried all day and couldn't eat Christmas Dinner- so ashamedley ruined christmas for everyone else but I just could not cope.


He is far too arrogant and rude to give me best wishes, especially since I would not sell him my designer hermes handbag so he could give it to his new girlfriend for Christmas!


He is a stupid pig, despite having a girlfriend who he met once on the internet and who is going to spend time with his parents this holidays he has been on internet dating sites and was on on CHristmas day. So he is sad and pathetic!

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Neither of us broke NC, thankfully.

Now, my ex from two years ago is another story. She's been breaking NC for the past month, and she has a new boyfriend. She both texted and emailed merry xmas to me yesterday. She even confessed to having feelings for me, although she's still with the current boyfriend. All I have to say is - glad I'm not him!

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did not break NC. as for the exbf and him breaking NC... well I doubt I'd have to worry about that... he hasn't tried to contact me since he walked out on 11/7... but that's fine...


NC is for me... it's about me and my healing..


I really didn't have any desire to call him yesterday, hah!! I bet he thought that phone was going to ring and he could ignore it, LOL... well nope, didn't ring from me


It's been 27 days NC and I feel better today than I have in a long long time!!! I just hope it lasts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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my ex sent me a merry christmas email. nothing very personal written in it except he signed it with my nickname for him. i didn't write back; i don't wanna let christmas be an excuse for me to break NC.


oh brother... kind of like when my exbf walked out... kissed me and said goodbye calling me by my nickname... thanks for the extra jab](*,)


good for you for for staying strong

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I also got the dreadful "kiss of death" when she left. She broke NC Christmas eve to say she still has stuff to return (some bs about a Christmas card from a company I no longer work for lol) and then she proceeds to say hope you have a merry christmas, happy new year, and "this finds you well". I was tempted to say "better then you think", but instead I went with, yea thanks merry christmas to you too. I got a "thanks back. If she thinks I want her back, then good luck to her.

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Nah, I have no intention of breaking NC. I'm not losing any sleep if she calls or doesn't either because I'm actually starting not to care about her anymore (finally got to this stage). This has been a good Xmas!


However, I did get a Facebook message from someone that I had a crush on in Aug. She has a bf. I knew it wasn't the right thing to do, but I went out a couple of times with her until I came to my senses. I had to walk the other way and it was hard because I really liked her. She sent me a "Feliz Navidad" (I'm spanish) with a heart at the end. She's american and she loved it when I spoke to her in spanish. hahaha. I said, thanks and wished her the best.


Nah, don't break NC. Give them the gift of NC this holiday!



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oh brother... kind of like when my exbf walked out... kissed me and said goodbye calling me by my nickname... thanks for the extra jab](*,)


good for you for for staying strong


yeah, and he sends me the merry christmas email when just two weeks ago he wrote to tell me that he will stop attempting to contact or bother me. DOH!


i've gotten burned in the past by responding to him and reading too much into his messages before and he's made it clear he is not ready to reconcile. not gonna put myself in that position again.



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What happened after u answered?


Little star,


I posted this yesterday on "Relationship With X"


I was just dozing on the couch when my cell rings and I just pick it up and say hello w/o looking to see who it was. It was my X. Have not spoken to her in over a month, when I answered that by mistake, and at least a month before that, as I do not answer her calls.


She started a conversation about the kids as if we were in a talking mode. Like we were still together and everything was fine between us. She calmly explained how the kids were supposed to go over there today (N0, there was never planned by them and her) and she waited all day for them to come. Done in a way that denotes that she thinks that the kids and me never talk and she can say anything untrue and get away with it. There's a history of that. The last two X-mas they went over for a couple of hours several days later.


She continued as if the way they do not interact with her is something new and out of the blue. "What was wrong with the kids today? They acted like they were just ignoring me". She went on and on about it. They have limited their contact with her for almost three years. But now, this was something new???


I did not even respond to any of it and just let her talk. Even remained silent when she paused. She was venting irrationally to me like we were still a couple. To someone that does not even want to talk with her and she has been told so on too many occasions.


I did not say 5 words. She ended it with this, "Well, I'm pretty tired so I am going to bed. Good night and Merry Christmas".


It is too difficult to fathom. Irrationality cannot be understood.

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My Ex broke NC by sending me a PassionUp Christmas Greeting. I deleted it without reading it thanks to the support of everyone here. It has been 14 days NC for me, and I am so proud of myself. He is going on a "singles cruise" now, where I am watching our son. I am thinking of getting my paralegal certificate now, and getting my career on track to take care of my son. I am finally getting out of his web, and I think in the end I'll be the person I ALWAYS was, strong, happy, resolved, and the primary caretaker of our son. Thanks ENA!!!

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I broke NC.

My ex sent an e-mail to all her friends and I was included in the contacts list. 2 days later I did the same, sent a Merry Xmas e-mail to some of my friends and included her. To my surprise she sent me a personal reply to thank me and whish me, again, a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year with the final line: "I hope life will always smile to you and a big kiss".


I haven't read to much in between the lines, except the fact that it seems so final, which is not bad at all considering the hard times I'm having in the acceptance stage.



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