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He keeps texting me...

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I realize Christmas time is a hard time for a lot of people struggling with NC. He's never actually heard of the official "NC" so he probably just has the feeling to contact me and thinks nothing of breaking it. I'm struggling to respond now, I want to say something like "Leave me the F alone!" but I don't want to break NC at all!


I'm also afraid he's going to come to my house if I don't say something, or maybe he will if I do? He's been a bit psycho in the past. I'd rather not explain how.


I'm just venting is all... He's saying things like "I'm sorry I messed it all up," "I still love you," "I miss you and I think of you all the time."


I will not break NC but he's making it tough... which is odd because I don't think I'm even in love with him anymore. I don't miss him even. Seriously? ](*,) I had a wonderful Christmas without him. I don't need this BS!


Just for a note, it's been almost 3 1/2 months of NC (mine anyways).

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I guess not. I think I might say "I don't love you anymore. Please leave me alone."


His last text said "Do you ever actually love me?" What kind of thing is that to say to someone who you haven't spoken to in 3 1/2 months or seen in 4 1/2?


I'm afraid of getting roped into some conversation..

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Hi there,


If I were you, i wouldn't even entertain those messages at all. I've been in your same boat, dealing with someone who was a little crazy, and he would occasionally contact me when I was trying to go NC. When you don't reply, they take it to the extreme and think that you're deliberately doing it to hurt them so they'll say something like, "Did you ever love me at all???" Mine even went as far to say "Would you even care if I died??"


If you're determined to get this person out of your life, I wouldn't bother texting him back at all, not even to say to leave you alone. It's not worth it because it may even be harder to not respond because he WILL say something back.


If he continues to text you tonight, just turn off your phone for a while and maybe consider blocking his number if possible.

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