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should i be upset about this?


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my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 2 years on and off. (if you read any of my previous posts)

well today was christmas as im sure you know. he text me in the morning saying merry christmas but he sent it to everyone in his phone so it didnt say anything special for me. well throughout the day he didnt really text me at all, so i tried texting him a few times. and hed talk some what but not really about anything and then hed say he cant text because hes busy.


well i havent really talked to him much today. im upset though because he has didnt ask me how my christmas was and didnt ask me what i got from family or anything. he didnt even try to see me either and ive been home for a while now, so he could have came over; i even asked him earlier and he kept saying idk. i text him telling him im upset about it and he kept saying he was busy and stuff. BUT i know he wasnt busy every second of today and that he could have text me like once just asking how my day was. AND i text him earlier saying i was upset (bc this is my first christmas without my uncle, because he died earlier this year and ive been thinking about it all day) and i told my boyfriend i was upset and he didnt even ask why. and i told him that i needed him and all he said was " theres nothing i can do about it now" like thats really rude i think and he didnt even ask why i was upset. i just figured if he cared enough he would have either text me asking how my day was or came and seen me some way, but he did neither. and it upsets me a lot.


should i be upset about this? i know that he wasnt busy all day because he was home for a while doing nothing until some family came over and he didnt even text me then. he actually played his xbox instead.. its really upsetting.

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I wouldn't have a bf like him...that is one of the many reasons I broke up with mine...and good riddence.


i just thought he would at least text me or something, you know..but he didnt so i dont know. i dont think he sees what he is doing when he does it..i dont what to do..any time i try talking to him about it, he gets mad at me..

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Hey hun


Well it clearly shows from reading your thread that he doesn't seem to care as much as you do for the "relationship".


Best thing to do is have a talk with him, tell him what your looking for in this relationship and if he has a problem in doing that ... than you guys are on different pages and you need someone who can fulfill those things for you.


I think what you would be asking for would be fair and justifiable.

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If i'd dated someone two years and he didn't even make the effort to see me on Christmas, then i doubt i'd date him much longer.


He is taking you for granted, and not being very loving either. He seems more interested in entertaining himself than being with you. That is never a good sign.


yeah it sure seems that way but i dont know. ive talked to him about it before and he says its not the way i make it seem. but its really hard to know what to believe. im just going to let him do whatever bucause i am doing to be done trying. it seems im the only one who tries really..

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>>he says its not the way i make it seem


So if he told you the sky was green rather than blue, would you believe him?


He is totally avoiding and ignoring your feelings, and writing them off because he doesn't want to change his behavior. He sounds very selfish and not considerate at all of your feelings, so him saying something like that fits with how you describe him. He wants to do what he wants to do, and if you want to do something different, he will try to convince you you are bad or wrong rather than give you what you want (if what you want discomfits him).


I suggest that you tell him the people who love one another spend holidays together, want to be together, exchange gifts etc., not sit around alone playing video games rather than seeing their partner. Tell him you need more, and go out and find someone else who will give you what you need.

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