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Loss of libido... Whats up?


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Hi guys


It's been a while since I've posted here. Anyway I've recently come up with a bit of a embarrassing problem.


Loss of libido or to put it in easy to understand lingo... Loss of sexual appetite/energy. Even watching porn isn't helping a great deal...


Let me state that I am 27 years of age.


I've recently had another spell of depression. What makes matters worse is I feel I'm going nowhere in life and yet I'm watching others go places...



I did briefly mention this to my GF last week or so and she seemed to think it was normal for 2 people in a relationship to have less sex after a few years. I can't see this is right. Especially when she's trying to seduce you and nothing seems to spark up... if you get my drift.


I also feel like I'm slowly rotting away in life. I've had this feeling for years but recently I feel its started to accelerate. This is hard to explain but I almost feel like I can feel age taking me day by day. I feel like there is no excitement in life anymore and that I'm in a loosing race against the clock to achieve anything with my life. I've also had this feeling lately that I'm not appreciated by people. My GF obviously thinks the world of me.. but things between us haven't been as romantic as they once were for years. Sure we love each other to bits but there doesn't seem to be that lust anymore. She's great, I love her to bits but I feel like we're growing apart. Even in the car we can drive for miles without talking... there has become this sort of awkward silence between us and the conversation has run dry.


I should also mention that a while back I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my knees too which hasn't made me feel brilliant about myself. Getting up and down the stairs is proving troublesome and I'm only 27. I was also signed off from work with stress a while back... and now I'm back they're still making life hell.


For most of my life I've had this feeling that there is something inside me trying desperately to get out and connect with the world - some sort of party animal or something... perhaps being famous, a DJ... I dunno. I've felt isolated ever since I can remember (I had only 1 parent who was always ill so never got out and had many friends etc). I still feel like this now - lonely and isolated from the world.


What should I do?


Years ago just looking at a woman would give me a raging hard on... now.. well you get the picture.


There is also one other very important thing... About 2 & 1/2 or 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition with my left testicle. It's called epididymitis and is basically a swelling of the blood vessles to the testicle in a similar way to the way old people blood vessles go in their legs. It was agony for a while. The plan was originally that the local hospital would operate and remove this. My doctor then decided that this wouldn't be a good idea as I could be left infertile. My GF didn't like this idea as she wants to have kids with me one day and so that was all called off - mainly because my doctor didn't want it to happen. Since then our sex life has taken a very gradual downhill run over the last few years. Previously to that when I was 11 I was also unlucky enough to suffer a twisted testicle - anyone who has ever had this will confirm its the most excruciating pain ever known to a man. It was operated on after 4 very long painful days... but that was when I was a child.


So guys... help me out here....



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I'd agree with R2H. Insist on a full body workup, don't let them just dwell on your symptoms. you may have several different things going on from the sound of it, and the last thing you need is a bunch of specialists all going off down their own paths. THat's how you end up with conflicting medications and diagnoses.

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It happens sometimes man...One of my cousins had a similar problem and it was really frustrating for him...


Interestingly as I was reading your post I thought of how depression can sometimes be a factor and then I read on and saw that that has been an issue in your life. I would suggest doing a lot of soul searching. Deppression has a way of dulling your life and causing one to lose excitement and joy, which is also a part of loss of libido.


It sounds like you've been through some rough things and I can relate.

I'm 26 goin' on 27 and I feel really similar man.

Isolated most of my life, trying to fix my parents, stuff like that...


All I can say is that I empathize and that me and others are hear to talk..

Maybe you should consider talking to a counselor...

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