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Optic Herpes. Really scared, what to do?

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Hi everyone. I need some help.



About two months ago I was traveling and got a severely inflamed eye. I went to a clinic and was informed that I have optic herpes (simplex 1) and that I have scarring on both corneas (probably from an outbreak as a baby or small child that I don't remember) The doctor informed me that it will recur throughout my life and that each time the scarring will be worse.


My vision has been only slightly affected (a change in glasses perscription) but I understand that a severe case could be blinding.


I need help. I have had cold sores on my nose once or twice as a child and I think there's things that can be done to prevent them occouring with nutrition ect? ( I am taking lysine as well as the anti virals the doctor perscribed But he said not to stay on them too long.) The conventional route seems to be a dead end as a corneal transplant would not work for me (recurring attacks on a graft would be a disaster) and as an artist my living depends on my eyesight. I can't tell you how depressed I am over this . I can't stop crying. I'm just terrified.


Does aynone have any experience with this? Am I going to go blind? Is there hope for a normal life with this?

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Hi Lady Midnight,


Merry Christmas. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice but one thing I can offer is to recommend keeping a positive outlook. Negative energy has physical effects and can sap your body and keep your immune system weak. This is one of many challenges that life is going to throw at you and you need to rise to the occasion with a positive outlook. Just a reminder, keep your chin up! Also look into foods and supplements to support eye health and make sure to stick to a healthy diet. Drink lots of water. Exercise daily. Don't worry, you can do this!

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All I know is that herpes 1 in the eye is incurable. It's why my coworker always puts bandaids on cold sores to remind herself not to touch it, and uses separate washcloths for her face etc.


I'm so sorry this happened - I'd suggest staying in close contact with your doctor and keep pestering him for the latest research. Some doctors get too busy to stay abreast of more than a couple conditions - if patients are on them about it, they seem to make more of an effort (I recently pointed out that my own doc's knowledge on a condition I have is embarrassingly outdated and gave him a list of medical papers to read, LOL)

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I really sympathize with you (art/vision is my life, too.)


I have a medical condition that affects my connective tissue, and use MSM (methylsufonylmethane) orally, as a dietary supplement. It's a sulfur compound, which works on inflammation, pain and also may prevent or reduce scarring of tissue. Even though it's known more in natural medicine circles as a nutritional supplement, it's also a chemical derivative of DMSO, which is used in standard medical circles to topically treat the lining of the bladder in patients who have a scarring and inflammatory bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. So to me it makes sense that MSM could be useful for other inflammatory and scarring conditions.


They make MSM eyedrops that you could probably find in the health food store without too much difficulty. I found one product online, below (the first link.) The second link is another type of drop that appears to also have nutrients that are protective to the ocular tissues, though I can't seem to find the product itself, just this write-up (and a hyperlink to another page, with another eyedrop product. I wonder how this solution remains sterile, as it says it contains no preservatives.) I'm not sure about this product, but certainly what is said about the antioxidant properties of glutathione and the vitamins and minerals they mention is true, so if you can find something like this, it might protect you from cellular damage caused by inflammation.


Of course, clear it with your doctor if you're going to start with these products.


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I really feel for you and hope you will experience fewer and fewer outbreaks over time.


And now I'm also wondering...if you have a cold sore (herpes) on your lip and you brush your eye, can this transmit the virus and cause this? Given the prevalence of HSV 1, I'm surprised more people don't have it in their eyes! ???

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Thanks so much for replying everyone. I am currently on valtrex but will be coming of it next month at my doctors request. Tiredofvamires thank you for that information I will look into that. The main thing right now I think is to get my immunity healthy and try and manage my stress levels. (stress is factor apparently.) I'm trying to get a different mindset going now thaks guys it's really helped just to talk about it here.

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