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What the F***

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Ok now i'm just getting plain irritated and mean.


Since my ex and I broke up last Wednesday, couple of our common friends served as the moderators between me and my ex although I don't think it was needed and my ex was just to chicken to talk without them. Anyways I was going to go to one of their engagements tonight. She had told me when it was what time it was and the general vicinity. I asked her for the address n she said ok she'd send it.


Now I know for sure she sent a facebook message to my ex and some other ppl about the address but hasnt sent it to me. N i keep asking her for it along with her sister.


Now i'm thinking maybe not to go. I dunno if its a game my ex and these two other "friends" are trying to play since they are closer to him than me. And I dunno since its been only a week since the break up should i just stay away from him...make him wonder where I am....etc?


Technically again i do love him and want him back but i don't want him to think that i'm that readily available to come esp if these ppl are playing games...


Opinions appreciated...THANKS!!

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I wouldn't go...for the simple fact that if I am broke up with someone I definitely don't want to see them for any reason.


I know you want him back and it's usually that way at first, but over time you will see a whole different picture on this guy.


NC is good...have fun doing something on your own, reconnect with who you are and enjoy the moment.

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Okay so I was getting ready to go...getting all dressed up and done up....but my dad came in the way... I guess he has seen me what I have been like for the past week all shut in my room and not eating and he already had a strong dislike for my ex.....so my dad threatened that if my ex was going to be at the engagement tonight he didn't want me going and if I did go my dad would show up.


So needless to say I didn't want to create a scene...my dad's just really protective and looking out for me.


At the same time I REALLY do hope that this keeps my ex wondering...instead I went with friends to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button....

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