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My boss gave me a chocolate santa

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Well it was very nice of my boss to give me a chocolate santa as a christmas gift yesterday. The darn thing has over 12 grams of saturated fat. I ate the entire thing in one sitting.


Consequently I had a stomachache all night last night. I love chocolate. If you buy me any kind of chocolate in any size I'd probably eat the whole thing in 1 day.


I just ate my christmas dinner. Now my stomach is stuffed with stuffing. I think I've gained about 5 lbs over the last two days. I'm going on a diet after the 1st of the year.


I had my cholestorel checked last year and it was 232. My LDL was 172. My HDL was 35. Thankfully the doctor didn't put me on medication. He ordered me to go on a low fat, low cholestorel diet.


Good thing he hasn't called me back yet for another appointment because I don't want to tell him that I cheated on my diet. Taking another blood test now would show it.


Most doctors just love to give me a hard time when they find out I drifted away from their recommendations.


It doesn't get any less tempting to eat rich foods when I go to church either. I've got nice people at my church who offer me plenty of food to take home. I just can't resist. My pastor has pork and ribs in the church kitchen freezer.

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